The rawness and honesty of human nature and connection inspire my art and drive my purpose. I’m opening this vault of thoughts and feelings for your inspiration, reflection and fantasies because I believe these artworks and texts can give you the hug you might sometimes crave. — flow (June 2021)


FLOW SO FLY is the pen name of a contemporary artist who studies & celebrates human intimacy.

flow draws and writes intricate pieces of art that invite diverse audiences from all over the world to reflect & fantasize. The lines guide your thoughts & feelings while leaving the story open for your personal interpretation.

Having built a loyal following on Instagram, recent censorship of the artworks asked for new ways to show art and engage with each other. Besides, this publication should go beyond a social media post and introduce new depths into our conversations.

This open diary is flow’s personal safe space. The diary acts as a living, digital exhibition that is open 24/7 for everyone, everywhere to inspire your mind, body & soul. It is structured into 4 categories:

😌 — Reflections (don’t we all need to take care of our mental health a little more and grow our character?)

💦 — Guided Fantasies (may I take you on an intimate adventure to your own pleasures?)

😍 —  Visual art

🎉 — Goodies for subscribers

You’re invited

  • Receive regular, personal updates from the artist

  • Reflect on yourself, your desires, fears & pleasures with soul-hugging & thought-provoking visuals & texts

  • Fantasize with guided fantasies and discover your pleasures

  • Invest in your mental health & your relationships with inspiring art

  • Grow your art collection with early access to artworks for sale

  • Support the artist directly to keep creating & sharing

I hope that to you, this Diary will feel like a monthly coffee date conversation with one of your favorite artists. Or a super affordable therapy session. That’s why I put the subscription in the ballpark of a coffee date (€5). In hope that this small individual donation can amount to a solid support, collectively, I thank you for your backing, helping me grow FLOW SO FLY and all of these projects.

If you got inspiration, joy, encouragement, or pleasure out of following my art, it would mean so much if you expressed your appreciation with a subscription. That’s how you can help me fund my art studio, art supplies, independent digital setup, and healthy food (and not place ads all over this raw art).

The most intimate depths

of human connection are reserved for the ones who open their heart & mind and take the time to explore them. flow’s art inspires and guides your thoughts & feelings to these depths which is why many call these diary visits here valuable and intimate art therapy.

Thank you for being here ♡

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Contemporary Artist studying & celebrating human intimacy. Inviting you to reflect & fantasize.