Pool party

💦 — A guided summer fantasy

Find below 3 artworks to start the pool party in your pants.

For additional fun, here’s a playlist:

Imagine it’s a hot summer day, the sun’s out, and you’re lying by the pool. You notice a fancy sunbed next to you, with white linen curtains dancing in the summer breeze.

Curious by the privacy of this, your glance wanders over, safely covered by your sunglasses. You notice shining, tanned skin and feel a warm, fuzzy curiosity. A curiosity for more.

You watch a waiter carrying a bottle of iced rosé wine to your neighbor. After serving the wine, the waiter remains there standing, as if talking to someone.

You can’t keep your eyes away. Your tanning love affair with the sun starts to heat up your thoughts as well.

Then the waiter’s eyes catch yours. You feel caught. Then they glance into the sunbed. Then back at you. The nonverbal communication makes you put down your sunglasses. The waiter repeats the look, guiding his chin from your face to the sunbed. And you realize: this is not a judgment. This is an invitation.

to be continued at your own pleasing…

♡ flow