Dear Diary

😌 — What you give is yours forever. What you keep is lost forever.

Some years ago I read a quote that forever changed my life. It read:

What you give is yours forever. What you keep is lost forever. — Monsieur Ibrahim

This perspective changed my life because I started to open up. I started to express what I felt inside.

Art allows me to feel what I want to feel. Do what I want to do. Be who I want to be.

Through my art, I created a world where nothing must and everything may. A safe space for thoughts & feelings, fears & pleasures, doubts as well as bursts of energy.

My raw, honest, direct yet open way of communicating in lines of art & type helped not only me but gathered an online following of hundreds of thousands. Every day I feel humbled by the impact that following that quote had not only on my life but how many lives I can inspire.

More than an escape, my castles in the sky became a source of inspiration for many, curious minds & horny bodies alike who crave a soul-hugging, thought-provoking art experience, a home for lust & love which many of us haven’t felt in a long time.

I decided to open my visual diary of intimacy for you, my study & celebration of human nature in drawn & written formats, and hope to inspire you to reflect & fantasize.

So: Welcome to my art diary!

Thank you for being here. And congratulations on your investment in your mental health & relationships.



I want to end every entry with a question that helps us reflect. I’d like to encourage you to write your answers down. Get yourself a nice journal (or tuck together some pages), write your name on the cover, and start documenting. Don’t forget to date your answers. I promise that this personal growth journal will become a tremendous source of inspiration for you.


What’s something you feel inside but hesitate to let out? What would your life look like if you let it out?

Here’s some music for your ears while your mind, soul & heart travel.